Braid Bar acknowledges African inspiration after complaint from DJ Clara Amfo

By The Ligali Organisation | Fri 5 May 2017

Clara Amfo, a BBC DJ who many see as a role model

The Braid Bar apologises and updates its publicity images after Clara Amfo complains about its previous campaign “white washing” away the African roots of braiding.

The topic of cultural appropriation made the headlines once more as a Clara Amfo, a popular DJ challenged the lack of diversity present in the Instagram images promoted by the Braid Bar. The hairstyling business which is located in The Beauty Workshop of Selfridges Oxford Street London trades on providing African cultural aesthetics to its clients.

Amfo who accused the company of 'not representing' African women on their Instagram account in January received much public support after writing ‘'FACT: When I looked on this account 90% of the images are of white women with European hair, women like me are NOT represented here’. The Braid Bar, later issued a statement claiming they had been ‘naïve’ instead of racist and had now learnt why it was inappropriate to promote an African cultural style using largely European models.

Braid Bar accused of cultural appropriation

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