Rochester Grammar school withdraws offensive slavery lesson plan and apologises

By The Ligali Organisation | Fri 21 July 2017

Afriphobic Rochester Grammar School

The Rochester Grammar school (RGS) that defiantly defended its offensive ‘slave auction’ lesson plan has withdrawn the Afriphobic resource and apologised for upsetting students and parents.

Mr Gwynn Bassan a director at the Rochester Grammar school has offered the schools ‘heartfelt apologies for any upset that has been caused” by the teaching of a history lesson using a controversial Afriphobic ‘slave auction’ lesson plan. The details of the session was shared across social media by many parents who were angry at the history of African enslavement being taught in a manner which could be interpreted by students as ignoring the moral implications in favour of examining the perceived economic benefits.

RSG Slavery Complaint Response

An unreservedly apology

Following a complaint made by the Ligali organisation Bassan agreed that the resource ‘will not be used in future’. He reveals that the school has also offered an unreservedly apology to students and parents after it realised that “upset has been caused”. They have agreed to work with students, parents, and groups such as the Medway African and Caribbean Association to discuss collaboration on future lessons addressing this topic.

RSG Slavery Complaint Response

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