"I pointed out to you the stars
and all you saw was the tip of my finger."

A draft Manifesto by Toyin

for a collaborative, community led, egalitarian society,
with no racism, sexism or classism.
  • "For democracy not to be a lie, it must be for everyone, friend and enemy, majority and minority, or not at all."

    Politics for all

    The development of a collaborative political system that guarantees open access to law making and justice that is inclusive of the most vulnerable.

  • "The passage of time does not lesson the crime. In a civilised society, no one should be able to escape justice, espeically the most wealthy."

    Justice for all

    Access to wealth should not offer a means for any individual or family to avoid prison terms or escape making reparations by denying their accountability or profiteering from any current and historic crime or abuse.

  • "There must be an end to intellectual elitism. Freedom starts with the liberation of minds. Everyone has the capacity to learn, everyone deserves the opportunity to co-produce knowledge"

    Education for all

    Creating a National Education System that  provides free nursery, primary, secondary, college and university level education to all . 

  • "The UK is wealthy enough to put an immediate end to street begging and ill health due to poor diet "  

    Food for all

    The creation of a National Food Bank providing free, basic but healthy food provisions in communal eating halls across the UK.

  • "Everyone should have the right to live a dignified life in a comfortable space irrespective of thier income. It's time to demolish all unsafe towerblocks and rebuild secure, decent houses and estates for all,  in their place"

    Housing for all

    The provision of safe, secure, rent free social housing for all working people and their families.

  • "No one should have to die because of targets on a health ministers budget, no one should be denied life saving medicine or treatment because of their ethnicity or where they were born"

    Healthcare for all

    Building a National Health Service that extends free healthcare to residents of the UK, Africa and the Caribbean

  • "Human rights are a moral right that transcend religion, states and politics. They cannot be defined or revoked by any act of parliament."

    Human Rights for all

    Collaboration on creating a new universal declaration of human rights that removes its bias in favour of European culture and protects and respects the rights of all people, everywhere, before economic interests.