Nyansapo Podcast Archive

This is the Nyansapo archives of the Pan African Drum program. You can stream and listen to the podcasts in your browser or download them to listen offline.

IssueDate                NamePodcastNewsletter
118 Nov 2008Tribute to Miriam Makeba - Is it wrong to mix art and politics?PodCastNewsletter
118 Nov 2008Tribute to Miriam Makeba - Is it wrong to mix art and politics? PodCastNewsletter
225 Nov 2008Do Racists have a right to privacy?PodCastNewsletter
302 Dec 2008Should all mental health users be criminalised? Guest Contribution: Matilda MacActtram (BMH UK) PodCastNewsletter
409 Dec 2008Pigs - Are they our Friends or Foe?PodCastNewsletter
506 Jan 2009The Phoenix - Can the African community Rise in 2009? Guest Contribution: Onyeka Nubia (Onyeka) PodCastNewsletter
613 Jan 2009A Question of Home - Aspirations and ResponsibilitiesPodCastNewsletter
720 Jan 2009From School to Benefits - How do we ensure there is a positive future for our Children?PodCastNewsletter
827 Jan 2009"From News to Propaganda - In todays alleged ""post racial era"" do we still need ethnic media? "PodCastNewsletter
903 Feb 2009Money Matters: The Work - Life Balance - Must we work for money or make money work for us?PodCastNewsletter
1010 Feb 2009Maisha Solutions: Ending Maafa - Is arab leader Muammar al-Qadafi (Colonel Gadaffi) the new Kwame Nkrumah? and what way forward for Pan Africanism? PodCastNewsletter
1117 Feb 2009The Camera: A Weapon of Terror? - Would you risk ten years in prison to take a picture? PodCastNewsletter
1624 Mar 2009Cultural Activism: Beyond PropagandaPodCastNewsletter
1731 Mar 2009Workers Unite: Against G20 Criminals - Is it time to strike back against taxation enslavement; financial thuggery and Britain's corrupt leaders?PodCastNewsletter
1807 Apr 2009Community Spirit: Reclaiming Familiar - Is it possible to bring village life to the city?PodCastNewsletter
1914 Apr 2009 Open Forum: Have Your Say - From Police Corruption to Ritual SuicidePodCastNewsletter
2021 Apr 2009A Duty of Remembrance: Should we recall our historical dreams and nightmares?PodCastNewsletter
2128 Apr 2009Reclaiming Carnival: Policing Remembrance PodCastNewsletter
2205 May 2009Migration and Stagnation: Is identity discrimination the new weapon of choice against African progression?PodCastNewsletter
1224 Feb 2009Conscious Activism: Making History - Was Walter Rodney right; can we make our own history?PodCastNewsletter
1303 Mar 2009Reading Matters: Cool Books versus Crazy TV - What were the top five books that changed your life?PodCastNewsletter
1410 Mar 2009Empowering African Women: Have African women become too passive?PodCastNewsletter
1517 Mar 2009Remembering Injustice: Part One: Is it time Africans offered an amnesty to europeans for historic crimes?PodCastNewsletter
2312 May 2009Passing The Baton : Are our young people prepared for success? PodCastNewsletter
2419 May 2009Home Grown: Organically Nurturing Talent - Can we do for self?PodCastNewsletter
2526 May 2009African Liberation Day (Hosted by Sista C) PodCastNewsletter
2609 Jun 2009 Being Hopeful - The making of a new dawn for Africans?PodCastNewsletter
2716 Jun 2009Soweto (Hosted by Sista C)PodCastNewsletter
2823 Jun 2009State Repression Part 1 (Hosted by Sista C) PodCastNewsletter
2930 Jun 2009State Repression Part 2 (Hosted by Sista C) PodCastNewsletter
3007 Jul 2009Kenyan Veterans (Hosted by Sista C) PodCastNewsletter
3114 Jul 2009Garvey and Nkrumah (Hosted by Sista C) PodCastNewsletter
3228 Jul 2009Still Standing PodCastNewsletter
3304 Aug 2009Going Back: Giving Back - What is the reality on the ground? Guest Contributors: Lecon Fatinikun (ADAP) and Mikelle (ADAP Volunteer) PodCastNewsletter
3411 Aug 2009Made In Africa : Supporting Self; Building Community Wealth Guest Contributors: Taylor (Jazz Reloaded) and Gareth Gilfillian (Excelsior College Indpendent School) PodCastNewsletter
3518 Aug 2009African Remembrance: Keeping History Alive Guest Contributors: Lady Leo (Gold Onyx) and Ifaleke Omo Anyan Dolapo Ogodo Kevin Haynes (Ebge Ilu Oduniyi) PodCastNewsletter
3625 Aug 2009The fall and Rise of the Askari Guest Contributors: Jenny Lee (Jericho Films) and Martin (London Catholic Worker)PodCastNewsletter
3701 Sep 2009Preparing for the future Guest Contributor: Nii Kojo PodCastNewsletter
3808 Sep 2009Nkrumah@100: Living Legends and beyond Guest Contributors: Bro Ateinda (AAPRP) Ms Serwah (BTWSC) Sista Lorna (PASCF) Bro Omowale (PASCF) PodCastNewsletter
3915 Sep 2009Progressing from superstition to tradition Guest Contribution: Sista Nzingha Assata (Alliance of Afrikan Women)PodCastNewsletter
4023 Sep 2009Progressive Politics: How do we progress beyond spectator voting Guest Contribution: Sista Njeri (Moyo wa Taifa) Kwaku Bonsu (Garvey Town) PodCastNewsletter
4129 Sep 2009Education and Community Development: Should we transform the way we learn? Guest Contribution: Bro Kwabena (AYEP) and Bro Mark (AYEP)PodCastNewsletter
4206 Oct 2009The Art of Liberation: Is the brush mightier than the sword? Guest Contributions: Bro Alvin Kofi (Kofi Arts) Sis Carol Ann Edwards (Cezanne) Bro Ken McCalla (Yahwarts) - Colour and MovementPodCastNewsletter
4313 Oct 2009Rebuilding Community : Can history play a part in teaching us 'do for self' basics?PodCastNewsletter
4420 Oct 2009Word Power: Is now the time for rise of the scribes? Guest Contributions: Michelle Marie (Free Little Birds) Emmanuel Amevor (Ceterprise Trust - Word Power)PodCastNewsletter
4527 Oct 2009Fatherhood: How do we save our sons from the deadbeat curse? Guest Contributions: Maame Ama Gueye (Per Ankh) PodCastNewsletter
4603 Nov 2009Motherhood: How do we replant the seeds to rebuild the circle of sisterhood? Guest Contributions: Sista Asher (www.acap.org.uk); JUSTWY (www.justwestyorkshire.org.uk); Sista C (PASCF); Sista Marchu (100 Mothers Movement)PodCastNewsletter
4710 Nov 2009Drugs; Weeds and Medicine: Are we healing oursleves or fooling ourselves? Guest Contribution: Sista Marcia (Food for Mood)PodCastNewsletter
4817 Nov 2009Making Waking Media: Do we really need our own media in a fair and 'tolerant' society? Guest Contribution: Henry Bonsu (Colourful Radio) PodCastNewsletter
4924 Nov 2009Reparations: What Shape Justice? Guest Contribution: Sista Nzingha Assata (Alliance of Afrikan Women)PodCastNewsletter
5001 Dec 2009Guilty till Proven Innocent: Does the British state police with public consent? PodCastNewsletter
5108 Dec 2009Jungle Fever : Would arranged marriages help the breakdown in our community? PodCastNewsletter
5215 Dec 2009Reading Books.. for Children : How can we rescue oursleves from movies and television? PodCastNewsletter
5322 Dec 2009Sankofa - Looking Back; Moving Forward? Part 1: Who were your people; what were your events of 2009? PodCastNewsletter
5429 Dec 2009Sankofa - Looking Back; Moving Forward Part 2: From June to December - What were your events of 2009? PodCastNewsletter
5505 Jan 2010Nia - Moving Forward with Purpose Part 3: Review of 2009 PodCastNewsletter
5612 Jan 2010"Live from Nigeria. SorryPodCastNewsletter
5719 Jan 2010Naija Connection (Part 1) PodCastNewsletter
5826 Jan 2010"Naija Connection - The Law and the Lawless (Part 2) - Cancelled due to technical issues. SorryPodCastNewsletter
5902 Feb 2010Donating Support - If Garvey were alive today.... PodCastNewsletter
6009 Feb 2010A Question of Faith: Are we well served by religion?PodCastNewsletter
6116 Feb 2010Supplementing Education : Supporting the next generation Guest Contribution: Sista Coral and Sista Marchu (AYEP)PodCastNewsletter
6223 Feb 2010Facing Depression: How do we obtain mental wealth? Guest Contribution: Sista Marcia - Community Mental Health WorkerPodCastNewsletter
6302 Mar 2010Rights or Rites: Realising the wealth of cultural enterprise Guest Contribution: Sis Asher (African Caribbean Achievement Project & Federation of African-Caribbean Elders); Maame Ama Gueye; Sis Jeanine (African Market Day); Sis Oleander PodCastNewsletter
6409 Mar 2010The Great Role Muddle Debate : Part 1 - Do African men deserve African women Guest Contribution: Sis Dr Sandra Richards; Sis Asher (African Caribbean Achievement Project & Federation of African-Caribbean Elders); Bro Phil (Black Presence in Britain)PodCastNewsletter
6516 Mar 2010Reporting Local Media: Part 1: How do we report local community news in a racist society? PodCastNewsletter
6623 Mar 2010The Great Role Muddle Debate : Part 2 - Why our lifes work must be more important than our jobs Guest Contribution: Sis Dr Sandra Richards; Sis Asher (African Caribbean Achievement Project & Federation of African-Caribbean Elders)PodCastNewsletter
6706 Apr 2010Community Policing : How do we right the wrongs of historic police abuse? Guest Contribution: Bro Garry GreenPodCastNewsletter
6806 Apr 2010Healthy Lifestyles (Returning to Natural Healing): Do holistic approaches to healing really work? Guest Contribution: Dr Gilbertha St Rose (Eden Herbs); Sis Akua Asantewaah (Star Black Foundation); Bro Stephen Ssali (Mariandina)PodCastNewsletter
6913 Apr 2010Where's Daddy: Supporting brothas to find a way home Guest Contribution: Bro Grimz; Bro Bernard X; Bro KwabenaPodCastNewsletter
7020 Apr 2010 The Fear of Freedom : Transforming Political illiteracy and the votaignoramus PodCastNewsletter
7127 Apr 2010The Art of Interrogation: Analysisng Facts and Stats Where are the missing figures behind the policies affecting Africans in Britain?PodCastNewsletter
7204 May 2010Bad Politics: When is choice not a choice? PodCastNewsletter
7311 May 2010Africans Beware: The Tories are Back (The ConDem Coalition 2010)PodCastNewsletter
7418 May 2010Protecting our Children: Have we lost the war for the minds of our young people? Guest Contribution: Bro Andre; Bro Chijioke Odilibe PodCastNewsletter
7525 May 2010The Liberation of African Art : Does African art deserve a platform of respect? Guest Contribution: Elder Fowokan (Fowokan); Bro Alvin Kofi (Kofi Arts); Sis Jennifer Lewis (Pepperstorm); Bro Ken McCalla (Yahwarts) - Colour and MovementPodCastNewsletter
7601 Jun 2010Music and Politics: The Urban Menace - Is music still the weapon of liberation? Guest Contribution: Elder Norman (Otis) Richmond a.k.a. Jalali (CKLN - Saturday Morning Live / Diasopric Music on Uhuru Radio); Bro Kwaku (BBMC) PodCastNewsletter
7708 Jun 2010 In Memory of... A tribute to those that worked before us Guest Contribution: Bro Omowale Ru Pert-em-Hru (PASCF) PodCastNewsletter
7815 Jun 2010The Abusive Silence – Destroying the anonymity of shame - Are we ready to speak out on abuse in the family? Guest Contribution: Sis Dr Abiola Ogunshola (UEL - Education and Community Development)PodCastNewsletter
7922 Jun 2010African Superheroes - Moving beyond Tarzanism: Have our heroes of today prgressed beyond the staus of fictional sidekick? Guest Contribution: Sis Akua Ofosuhene (Anokyes Sword ) ; Brother T (BlackHistoryWalks)PodCastNewsletter
8029 Jun 2010African Dawn - Remember; Organise; Act: An Open Forum Before The Summer BreakPodCastNewsletter
8131 Aug 2010After Carnival: Remembrance; Reasoning and OrganisationPodCastNewsletter
8207 Sep 2010Define Home: How do we rebuild community? Guest Contribution: Bro Garadina Gamba (Garvey Town)PodCastNewsletter
8314 Sep 2010Awaking Dreams: Beyond Divination - Dare we shape our own future? Guest Contribution: Bro Edmund; Bro Eric; Bro Lisandro; Sis Francesca and Bro J (Poetika)PodCastNewsletter
8421 Sep 2010On Screen: On Road - How can film bridge the generation gap? Guest Contribution: Brother T (BlackHistoryWalks)PodCastNewsletter
8528 Sep 2010Forgotten Elders: Living Wisdom – Are we losing valuable lessons from history? Guest Contribution: Elder Colin Carter (caribbeanfuneral@btconnect.com)PodCastNewsletter
8605 Oct 2010Coffee: No Milk Please – With the resurgence of far right politics across western nations; could segregation ever be voted 'legal'... again? Community Profile: Bro Kubara Zamani (Afrikan Quest/Nubiart)PodCastNewsletter
8712 Oct 2010Taking Liberties: An Unrighteous State – Masterclass: Has blind civil obedience become the greatest threat to human rights and natural justice? Community Profile: Sis Jedidah and Bro Seobo (Fuboh Foundation)PodCastNewsletter
8819 Oct 2010Creating Spaces Of Reading: Saving African Bookshops – Should we formally transform our bookshops into community learning centres? Guest Contribution: Bro Michael Williams (BIS Publications); Sis Oleander; Bro Greg GPodCastNewsletter
8926 Oct 2010Community Radio: Unplugged - Moving Beyond Rhetoric - Where next for community radio? Guest Contribution: Bro Omowale; Bro Oxalando (PASCF) Support for Mumia Abu-Jamal - www.mumialegal.comPodCastNewsletter
9002 Nov 2010Cancer: An Understanding - Living a healing life Guest Contribution: Elder Colin Carter (caribbeanfuneral@btconnect.com)PodCastNewsletter
9109 Nov 2010Finding Positives: Open Forum - Why should Africans be optimistic about the future? Guest Contribution: Open ForumPodCastNewsletter
9216 Nov 2010Young and Gifted: Stop Look listen: Are young people being blocked from reaching their potential? Guest Contribution: Sis Sasha; Bro Lisandro (Poetika); Bro Eric; Sis Flo (Roc da Mic); Bro HarveyPodCastNewsletter
9323 Nov 2010What Next: The After Party: With our backs against the wall do we really need more dances? Open ForumPodCastNewsletter
9430 Nov 2010Law Matters: R v The Community: Can we empower ourselves by studying law? Guest Contribution: Bro Garry GreenPodCastNewsletter
9614 Dec 2010Creating Solutions: The Answer Is... : Thinking outside the box Guest Contribution: Sistah Doctor Sandra RichardsPodCastNewsletter
9718 Jan 2011We Remember: Lessons from the New Cross Fire Guest Contribution: Elder Alex Pascall / Elder Minkah Adofo / Sis Mia MorisPodCastNewsletter
97B18 Feb 2011Time For Change (Newsletter Only)PodCastNewsletter
9807 Jun 2011Spring Hopes: What ten changes must we all make to secure a better future for our community? Guest Contribution: n/a PodCastNewsletter
9914 Jun 2011Hosts: Bro Greg G and Bro KwabenaPodCastNewsletter
10021 Jun 2011Returning Discipline: Homes; Schools and the StreetsPodCastNewsletter
10128 Jun 2011The Vibe: Music; Spirit and Politics Guest Contribution: Bro Taylor (Jazzreloaded); Bro Kevin Ifaleke Haynes (Egbe Oduniyi); Bro Kwaku (British Black Music)PodCastNewsletter
10205 Jul 2011The Word: Literature and Storytelling Guest Contribution: Griot Sis Chinyere Nwobani (www.shanti-chi.com); Bro Courttia Newland (http://courttianewland.com/) PodCastNewsletter
10312 Jul 2011 Education: Self Empowerment and Community Development Guest Contribution: Sis Abiola Ogunsola (UEL) PodCastNewsletter
10419 Jul 2011Open Forum: From Sickle Cell to the UNIAPodCastNewsletter
10526 Jul 2011Sacred Spaces: Creating Healing Circles Guest Contribution: Sistah Roseanna; Sistah Penny and Sistah AbbaanahPodCastNewsletter
10602 Aug 2011Beyond Trident: Building a Framework for Peace and Justice Guest Contribution: Bro Prof Gus John and Bro GrimzPodCastNewsletter
10709 Aug 2011Equal Rights & Justice: London Uprisings 2011PodCastNewsletter
10816 Aug 2011The Choice: What next after the Summer of Discontent? Guest Contribution: Bro Daniel Stennett (African Sons and Daughters)PodCastNewsletter
10923 Aug 2011Carnival and Protest: Is it time to change the music? Guest Contribution:Sis Ama Live & Sis Murphy Browne (for more information about the politics of Caribana - www.sharenews.com)PodCastNewsletter
11030 Aug 2011The Transition: Healing through Rituals of BereavmentPodCastNewsletter
11106 Sep 2011 Impact: An open forum on the trauma caused by repeated exposure to non-physical/media violence Guest Contribution: Sista Penny (Mosaic) & Sista Bola Ogundare (The Advocates Advisory Service)PodCastNewsletter
11213 Sep 2011 Positive Thinking: Sharing the energy of collaborative dreamsPodCastNewsletter
11320 Sep 2011The Continuing Marriage of Racism and Capitalism: An Open Forum PodCastNewsletter
11427 Sep 2011Africa through Film: Moving from tokenism to Pan Africanism Guest Contribution: Sista Nadia Denton (The Black British Filmmaker’s Guide to Success) & Sista Oyin SoleboPodCastNewsletter
11504 Oct 2011Beyond Black: The Politics of African History Month Guest Contribution: Sis Awula Serwah (BTWSC) & Bro Kwaku (British Black Music) PodCastNewsletter
11611 Oct 2011Nurturing Disciplined Families: The Currency of Pan African Love Guest Contribution: Bro Jules JackPodCastNewsletter
11718 Oct 2011African Literature: The Next Dimension: From Sci-Fi to Sci-Fact Guest Contribution: Courttia NewlandPodCastNewsletter
11820 Dec 2011Passengers and Drivers: How do we upgrade our journey?PodCastNewsletter
11927 Dec 2011Identity Politics and Rainbow Coloured People: The African or Black Debate Guest Contribution: Bro Kwaku / Sis SerwahPodCastNewsletter
12003 Jan 2012Reflection: An Afrocentric review of 2011PodCastNewsletter
12110 Jan 2012 2012: The End or Racism? From Lawrence to AbbottPodCastNewsletter
12216 Oct 2012On our own two feetPodCastNewsletter
12323 Oct 2012Beyond The GamePodCastNewsletter
12430 Oct 2012An Abusive SilencePodCastNewsletter
12506 Nov 2012Shuffering and Shmiling: Who Cares?PodCastNewsletter
12613 Nov 2012Success Stories: Framing StereotypesPodCastNewsletter
12727 Nov 2012Seeing PotentialPodCastNewsletter
12807 Jan 2013Maintaining the Past; Embracing the NewPodCastNewsletter
12907 Feb 2013Equality?PodCastNewsletter
13001 Mar 2013An Unapologetic BarbarismPodCastNewsletter
13115 Apr 2013Change & GrowthPodCastNewsletter
13204 May 2013Moving Beyond Whiteface and faux- Political ConvictionPodCastNewsletter
13304 Jun 2013Cutting the StringsPodCastNewsletter
13408 Jul 2013Silence of Purpose: Do SomethingPodCastNewsletter
13513 Aug 2013Different but equal: Equal but not freePodCastNewsletter
13625 Sep 2013The Lure of NewnessPodCastNewsletter
13715 Oct 2013We Remember: Jessica Huntley African History Month Special edition PodCastNewsletter
13701 Nov 2013The SwitchPodCastNewsletter
13801 Feb 2014If We Must DiePodCastNewsletter
19 May 2021Ligali-Update-19-May-2021PodCastNewsletter
31 May 2021Ligali-Update-31-May-2021PodCastNewsletter
12 Jun 2021Ligali-Update-12-June-2021PodCastNewsletter
27 Jun 2021Ligali-Update-27-June-2021PodCastNewsletter

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