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By Conya Doss | Sun 11 May 2008

Neo Soul CD

This is the fourth album from the African American songstress based in Cleveland Ohio and it’s a perfect example of the wisdom in the adage, if it aint broke don’t try to fix it.

In 2002 when she released her debut album A Poem About Miss Doss, few thought she would be able to sustain the high standards she set for herself. They were wrong, in 2004, she released - Just Because and in 2006, Love Rain Down established her as an artist of integrity and consistent excellence. This new album still follows along in that tradition.

Conya Doss: Still...

Whilst other neo-soul artists are compromising their art to achieve mainstream success, Conya alongside other artists such as the brilliant Ledesi are building a musical legacy that will stand the test of time. It is difficult to pinpoint the definitive highlight in this album, but not because there are so few, but instead because there are so many.

The album starts with the bumpy track Common Ground, a delicious groove providing sterling relationship advice to listeners, there are other such gems that follow this theme such as Let Me Love You and It’s Over. However some of the areas where Conya comes into her own is with the sublime summer grooves like Can’t Stop, Come Over and What I’d Do, these outstanding tracks bear the hallmarks of that 1980’s Loose End’s vibes.

If that wasn’t enough she also delves effortlessly into a smooth garage cut with Right on Time, drops a classic ballad with I Miss You and brings the house down with a track that deserves to become an anthem for community activists, the inspiring Ride and it’s message of ‘don’t give up’.

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