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By The Ligali Organisation | Sat 24 May 2008

Neo Soul CD

If this is your first ever listen to a Ledesi album then you’re in for a treat, if not then you should still be prepared to be taken aback. With the release of her latest album Lost and Found, Ledisi has put together a classic set of soul songs that not only supplements her previous three albums but in many ways transcends them.

Ledisi: Lost & Found

Following a bouncy intro, we are straight into the superb opening cut Joy. Reminiscent of a golden era of soul music before the rnb pimps trashed the genre, this is one of those tracks that gets accidently on purpose gets stuck on repeat on the CD, a simple love song a classic groove.

This is followed by You and Me, a easy rolling jam that gets the head nodding, feet tapping with a beautifully simple lyric promising dedication and unwavering support to all those men who both work and love hard. When Ledisi sings ‘you never have to worry’ you really feel this is a sista that will never betray you when the chorus kicks in and she reminds us ‘it’s all about you and me’.

The track Best Friend is like a tragic love song with no resolution, its address the situation that occurs when one of the friends in a close relationship starts to develop secret intimate feelings for the other. One of the other standout cuts on the album has to be Alright. If ever there was a doubt of the ability of music to therapeutically heal the soul, this track is evidence providing proof. With its sublime groove and lyrics steeped in wisdom, this is another classic that is destined to become a nursing anthem for those dealing with emotional pain. Tracks like Today lighten the mood, whilst songs like the delicious Get To Know You affirm Ledisi’s position at the top of the neo-soul movement is reassured.

The rest of the album maintains this high standard, with tight production, perfect lyrics and vocal performances revealing why Ledisi is not only a superb studio artist but also someone to be experienced performing live. Think of You, In The Morning, I Tried, We are one, The One are all solid and consistent soul gems, never dropping in quality not even for an instant.

The album closes with the uplifting Someday as a glorious dedication to her parents yet it is the powerful title track Lost and Found (Find Me) that stands out as a poignant example of Ledisi’s incredible ability to express her emotions in a song that most of us can relate to at sometime in our life when we are simply asking to be found so we can truly love. Find this Album.

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