Book: Three Continents, One History

By The Ligali Organisation | Fri 25 July 2008

An authoritative examination of the history and links between Birmingham, the Caribbean and the enslavement of African people.

Three Continent, One History

There are not many positive legacies from the British jamboree now known as Wilberfest 2007. Much of the texts generated focused on regurgitating the propaganda of “abolition” and when referencing Africa, reduced her peoples to that of passive victimhood in an industry of “legitimate trade”.

That’s why reading Three Continents, One History by Dr Clive Harris reveals his tome to be a standout source of information within a sea of eurocentric banality. It starts with a focus on Africa before european slavery and has detailed sections on African resistance, cultural expression alongside the classical topics such as the horrific middle passage. With contributions by Sophia “Ankhobia” Carvalho, Dr Rebecca Condron and Dr Andy Green this superbly presented and authoritative text on this tragic era of history deserves a place in the libraries of all those interested in the transatlantic era of the Maafa.

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