Music: Rassie Ai - Return to Life

By Rassie Ai | Wed 24 September 2008

African Roots CD

Building upon the personal, social and political themes explored on “Munhumutapa Man”, the Zimbabwean raised, artist Rassie Ai (Takura Makoni) has delivered a definitive follow up to his 2007 free promotional mixtape with the official debut release of his album "Return To Life".

Rassie Ai: Return to Life

With a powerful music base centred around traditional African roots music, this album manages to fuse a distinctive reggae flavour with acoustic instruments in order to produce a sound that is fresh and as innovative as the lyrics are conscious.

From the opening salvo "Blue Steel World" which introduces us to Rassie Ai through his word power and sound challenge to culture bandits, to the powerful "Rise It Up" and its uncompromising Africa for Africans message, this is an album that is unafraid to tackle conscious themes.

Musically it’s hard to pigeonhole, from the sublime "Free to Breathe" to the acoustic dub of "She Still Waits" the superb production is the work of DKR's core production duo, Kudakwashe Musasiwa & Munyaradzi Nota.

In delivering "Return to Life" artist Rassie has delivered a powerful debut which not only places Africa at its musical and spiritual centre, but also radiates with African pride as he delivers themes and performances that are undoubtedly from his heart.

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