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By The Ligali Organisation | Wed 10 December 2008

The Walk, starts with Toyin Agbetu’s opposition to being asked by a European priest to kneel, bow and pray for the alleged sins of his ancestors during the Maafa at a William Wilberforce slavery commemoration ceremony in London’s Westminster Abbey in Mar 2007. Toyin points out that the British queen is responsible for reparation as the head of state and a false beneficiary of looted wealth accumulated over four centuries.

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Toyin was arrested for his principled intervention and the film follows the support he had on the occasions he returned to the police station to answer bail. Messages of solidarity and support came in from all over the world and not just from Afrikans but also from Australian Aborigines, marginalised and lower caste Asians, Amerindians and progressive Europeans. Opposition included an incitement to shoot Toyin by a white British radio broadcaster upset that anyone would disturb the Queen’s peace or reflect her possession of ill-gotten gains in her face. The BBC who filmed and broadcast the event live refused to hand over their footage to the police despite requests. Eventually the charges were dropped as the Crown Prosecution Service said it would not be in the public interest to proceed with the case.

After answering bail the first time Toyin and his supporters walked to Downing Street to protest against British involvement in the Maafa and continued exploitation and racism. After the charges were dropped Toyin and his supporters went to the National Portrait Gallery, Africa House and the British Museum to highlight the links these institutions have to the impoverishment of Afrika and the denigration of Afrikan culture. At the British Museum a firm demand was made to meet with the Director to discuss reparation of Afrikan cultural and spiritual artifacts, with particular reference to the Benin bronzes looted by the British, but he refused to appear.

Written by Kubara Zamani

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