Film: Night of Truth

By Fanta Regina et Marc Gautron | Wed 14 January 2009

If ever there was a film that should be made compulsory viewing for African people everywhere then this is it. The Night of Truth is a painful tale of revenge and reconciliation set in a fictional town modelled after the Rwandan genocide.

Night of Truth by Fanta Regina et Marc Gautron

Night of Truth follows the actions of rebel leader Colonel Theo Bogwanda and his wife Soumari as they organise a night of reconciliation between the President Miossoune and his wife Edna.

Tensions between the Bonandes and Nayaks are still high after ten years of war. With agitators on both sides it is proving difficult to avert conflict. Few pay attention when a village woman named Fatou has a premonition and some in anger call on the Ancestors to smash the peace. It is difficult to reveal more without spoiling the story line. Suffice to say if you are a lover of African cinema or simply interested in traditional methods of conflict resolution then watch this film.

BFI: Fanta Nacro was the first woman from Burkina Faso to direct a fiction film (the short Un Certain matin) and The Night of Truth, which has won awards at film festivals around the world, is a stunning example of the rise of African women filmmakers, bringing a new voice and perspective to African cinema.

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