Book: Ritual

By Malidoma Patrice Some | Wed 14 January 2009

In his book Ritual: Power, Healing and community, Malidoma Some explores the essential role ritual plays in maintaining community and examines common structures and themes relevant to all.

Ritual: Power, Healing and Community by Malidoma Patrice Some

The name Malidoma translates to “he who is to be friend with the stranger/enemy” and the origins of his life purpose is fully explored in his earlier acclaimed book “Of Water and the Spirit”. This book is a natural progression from his debut and see’s Malidoma breaking down the key components of ritual and finding ways to link what happens in his own West African village to those living in western society. He makes very persuasive arguments through the use of parables and revelations of experiences, some surreal - others practice. The net result is a complex spiritual topic articulated in a very personable manner which serves well as an introduction into the realms of traditional ritual practices for a modern world.

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