Book: Introduction to Neo-Colonialism

By PASCF | Thu 9 April 2009

Uncle Tom holds the reigns for Uncle Sam

In this hard hitting introduction to neo-colonialism published by the Pan Afrikan Society Community Forum (PASCF), the ideology of meritocracy for all in a capitalist society is exposed as myth designed to maintain control of the labour and produce of African and other oppressed peoples throughout the world.

Pan Afrikan Society Community Forum: Introduction to Neo-Colonialism

Through clear examples and diagrams the PASCF covers the political history of the G8, IMF, World Bank and other controlling capitalist institutions and explains how the impoverished state of Africa is a result of racist economic driven policies that are still in place today.

The bold sub title ‘Uncle Tom holds the reigns for Uncle Sam’ which flies in the face of both liberal and right wing media, persuasively challenges the notion that the election of Barack Obama to commander in chief of the United States of America heralds the dawn of a utopian age of equality for all. Indeed the focus on Obama is miniscule in comparison to the wealth of historical evidence presented to prove the papers central thesis, but there is a stark warning to us all.

“… the appointment of Barack Obama to the position of president is a master stroke. It represents a major set back for Afrikan liberation and Afrikan self-determination.. it encourages Afrikan people into putting their efforts towards fighting for the oppressive state’s preservation, in the vain hope that they will get a greater share of its spoils… In short, it preserves the status quo which keeps Afrikan people all over the world, in a state of abject poverty and corresponding misery.”

This is an essential read for all those interested in political analysis without sugar coating the Truth.

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