Bata Ceremonial Drumming Celebration

By The Ligali Organisation | Sun 23 August 2009

Ebge Ilu Oduniyi Ceremonial Bata drummers and Orisha singers ensemble

How do you review a ceremonial drumming session? Perhaps it is best to expand upon what it is. The Ebge Ilu Oduniyi Ceremonial Bata drummers and the Orisha singers ensemble have created a space where we have the opportunity to participate, learn and experience a genuine healing drum ceremony.

Through the practice of sacred rituals conducted by Ifaleke Omo Anyan Dolapo Ogodo Kevin Haynes, those gathered were able to transcend physical limitations in order to naturally discover our potential for self healing and guidance. It may seem strange to describe the vibrations as positive but as the sonic rhythms engulfed those present, it was difficult not to be both transfixed and liberated, invoking both song and dance, not in a trance, but a peaceful state of spiritual freedom made special for being conducted during African Remembrance Month.

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