Book: Kwaku and his Hearing Aid

By Darren ‘Nerrad’ Meade (Story) and Condy Soso (Images) | Thu 17 December 2009

This is a story about a boy who everyone thought did not listen to others as learn he has a disability of which not even he is are of.

Kwaku and his Hearing Aid: by Darren ‘Nerrad’ Meade (Story) and Condy Soso (Images)

Through this uplifting story of young Kwaku, we are reminded of the importance of communication and compassion. As Kwaku’s parent’s question why his behavior at school is at odds with that at home they find the problem. Mirroring elements of his own life, author Nerrad then takes us through a wonderful journey where the solution is found, implemented and shared. With artist Cindy Soso providing clear and positive imagery, we also learn about the challenges children with hearing difficulties can face as well as the misinterpretation that can occur from a lack of knowledge on the subject.

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