CD: Speaking Through the Ancestors

By Conscious Plat | Sun 20 March 2011

Speaking Through the Ancestors is the album of Conscious Plat. She is multi-talented singer song-writer who creates and recites powerful conscious songs and poetry on a blend of neo-soul grooves for the purpose of empowering African people.

Conscious Plat: Speaking Through the Ancestors

The tracks include, Whose that child; a sultry jazz tinged soul number addressing the issue of children living life on the streets. Recognising them as the leaders of tomorrow Conscious Plat awakens our responsibility to look out for each other’s children.

Sistars; the first of a duo of tracks that recognise the role and magnificent quality and potential of African women. A cool head nodding two step rhythm that acknowledges the diversity of mothers, daughters, sisters and acknowledges them as worthy. It is complimented by a powerful excerpt from Maya Angelou that speaks of the phenomenal woman.

I’m a Queen is the second track affirming the potential of sisters, but in many ways is a pledge to righteous brothas. This time Conscious addresses the desire to meet a soul mate committed to building a conscious family. Reminiscent of early classic Mary J before she went all r’n’nb pop.

Black Pharaohs, dropping a mellow vibe delivering the coolest history lesson on CD. If you remember and enjoyed the delicious soul duo, Zhane then you’ll love this alongside the sublime Harriet which is an ode of remembrance to a great African freedom fighter, Harriet Tubman. Knowledge party continues the vibe with its boogie rhythm and upbeat lyrics.

Blaque Love is an extension of I’m a queen but extending the love beyond the relationship and into the community. A theme continued in the gorgeous Song for the Homeless a theme continued in the charity song Haiti.

It’s difficult to choose a standout track, Foot soldier with its soulful acoustic feel and rally call is brilliant, but the superb Revolution Aint Dead is also one of the leading contenders with its inspiring lyrics and infectious groove. If ever there was a track that deserved the words ‘just keeping it real’ this is it.

With its community heart smoothly embedded in a manner that never disturbs your enjoyment of the music, Speaking through the Ancestors is an exceptional album deserving of a place in the home and schools of African people worldwide.

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