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The address of the IDPAD Empowerment Centre is 18-24 Lower Clapton Road London E5 0PD

The space is still under development.

There will first be a series of Community Participation Events in August 2021 for collective visioning before we launch the project in 2022.

This page will then be updated with a timetable of scheduled activities.

28 August 2011, 12 Noon - 3PM

Open Day

Are you a local artist or educator? A student or parent? An Elder or Disabled? Do you Dream of a career as a creative entrepreneur or to help make the world more inclusive by dismantling institutional racism?

This event is for us to come together and explore innovative ideas to best utilise this open, inclusive community space and learn more about the International Decade for People of African Descent. There will be free light refreshments and music.

Individual Artworks on flyer by: Ese Akpojotor, Inolzia, Lauren-Marie Haywood and Nefateri Asentewa.
IDPAD Logo by: Thomas

“If you can volunteer and  have ideas for a project to help deliver social justice or creative enterprise for people of African heritage in Hackney, then please join us.”

IDPAD (Hackney) Team

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