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There are over 1.2 billion people of African heritage that live in Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas and across the diaspora, outside of the African continent. The United Nations (UN) has called upon the international community to recognise that people of African heritage represent a distinct group whose human rights must be promoted and protected. On the 7 February 2014, the UN General Assembly formally declared 2015 to 2024, an International Decade for People of African Descent (IDPAD). The key themes to be addressed are RECOGNITION, JUSTICE and DEVELOPMENT.

IDPAD (Hackney) is developing a movement of community builders and organisers to help turn our newly acquired Empowerment Centre into a sustainable, independent grassroots, publicly accessible, creative hub that develops and protects the rights and social capacities, cultural capital and democratic participation of people of African heritage in society. Our group, which is supported by IDPAD Coalition (UK) wants to inspire others to duplicate this across Britain. To help with the Hackney-based project, we are looking for volunteers, both young and old, of all backgrounds. We will begin with an introductory Open Day on 28 August 2021 from 12 noon to 3pm followed by a series of Community Projects and Participation Events before a full launch in 2022.

If you are interested in the IDPAD (Hackney) objectives and want to help, please use this form. If you have any questions not answered by this website, email us at info@IDPADHackney.org

IDPAD (Hackney) needs volunteers, equipment and donations, can you help?

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