At present, the IDPAD (Hackney) steering group are serving as the custodians and current management agents for the project through an agreement with the charity Volunteering Matters.

We are Jake Ferguson, Jannette Collins MBE, Jermaine Jackman, Viv Ahmun and Dr Toyin Agbetu. Each person is a prominent member of Hackney’s community with the skills and experience needed to develop and deliver on the IDPAD themes of RECOGNITION, JUSTICE and DEVELOPMENT.


All core decisions are agreed upon collectively, each key area of the project has an interim lead assigned. Collectively we are all committed to taking the project through its development phase for at least the next three to five years.

  • Providing the strategic guidance to deliver the project and establish its administrative framework is Jake Ferguson.
  • Driving the social incubator programme which is volunteer-based and focused on the development of young people is Janette Collins MBE and Viv Ahmun.
  • Developing the community learning space and curating the cultural offer is Dr Toyin Agbetu.
  • Working with young people from the nurturing of the creativity space to driving engagement with the centre’s entrepreneurial offers is Jermain Jackman.

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